Entomology should’ve been my major…pictures from yesterday

After looking at my pictures I found that I have a LOT with insects. That made me think that maybe I should have been an entomologist. Ok, well, not really. But perhaps I see a theme coming to FR&A…. Here are some of my early insect photos taken in Roaring River, MO.


On this first one I like the sparkle of the water reflected off to the right in the photo. The small, small flowers with the round shiny bug just have some appeal that I can’t quite name…


The second picture I just love for the red in it – the ladybug so bright and round and the other insect that looks like a black, white and red striped fly- and of course, again, the small white flowers against the beautiful greens. Also, this picture (or a part of it) appears on the cover of my Blurb book Nature’s HD (for sale on Blurb).

Call the entomologist!!!! – picture from yesterday

I was innocently taking pictures of some Indian paintbrushes one spring day. Having found some ladybugs crawling along a stem I, of course, bent down to take closer pictures. When I downloaded the pics for a closer look I discovered the picture below. As my amazing husband noted, only I could take X-rated nature photos!!!


Call the Entomologist (© 2011 Tisha Clinkenbeard)