White: Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge of Pick One Color

I truly adore all colors. I have my favorite, red. But the colors of the rainbow inspire me. All the shades, mutations, and the brightness cheer me.

But for this challenge I wanted to share my love of the color white. White is such a pure, clean color. When seen against a sharp contrast of black or another primary color it can be breathtaking. Here are a few!

black & white moonquestion of simplicity sophistication green leaf gardenia

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Black & White or Sepia

Cee is challenging us with a series on colors! This challenge is for black & white or sepia. I really like the tones but have determined that you must have some good photos to do the colors – or lack thereof – justice. Some good contrast or the right object for the sepia.

So here are a few photos for you to enjoy!sepia bench

black and white bull calf buppy black & white moon

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Water

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week is Water. I like this challenge because it is related directly to the 5 Chinese elements. So Cee shared what those are/can be:

Sea, Ice, Storms, Rain, Steam, Fluid, Sound, Mist, Acid, Salt, Time, Pressure, Moon, Mirror, Snow, Frost, Sugar

I also wanted to go out of the norm and find those 3 photos that were not so obvious in the interpretation of water. I’ve chosen mist, ice, and moon.


my favorite hot spring

my favorite hot spring