Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

This week the photo challenge from WordPress is Beyond.While walking thru the area around Multnomah Falls and Wakheena Falls in Oregon I found many little waterfalls hidden beyond the next corner in the path. Here is one as I approached it – you can see it just beyond all of the foliage. And the second is the waterfall as I came to face it. Enjoy!

falls just beyond

facing the falls

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge of Reflections was admittedly an easy one for me. But I don’t often like easy – they are supposed to be challenges. So I looked back in my photos to see if I could find a reflection that I might have missed. This is the one that I found. It is our own pond after a winter snow – which seems appropriate because it is a smoldering 29 degrees here, according to Swackett.


snowy pond

Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

Green – a beautiful color in nature! I’m not so fond of it in other areas and not certain why…. hmmm…

OK, back to the topic at hand. These two photos were taken in the area around Multnomah Falls and Wakheena Falls. I am in love with the first photo of the leaf with the raindrops!


The second photo is of a waterfall in the area. I like the stone around it and the lovely green against the bubbly water.