The Road Taken

In my travels there have been many, many roads taken – probably more taken than passed over…well, maybe… Nevertheless, one that came to mind is the highway 1 on the coast of California. I took it from Jenner up to Fort Ross one foggy Saturday and just fell in love with it. I wrote a post of the experience and shared one aspect of the trip with y’all. But for the Weekly Photo Challenge The Road Taken I wanted to share a couple of new pics for a different perspective of the road taken that day – highway 1. Enjoy!

DSCN9937 - Version 2.JPG

DSCN9944.JPGDSCN9991 - Version 2.JPGDSCN9901 - Version 2DSCN0013.JPG

More on Light & Composition – 3 new Photo of the Day winners!!

So happy to have 3 more of my photos accepted as photos of the day!

Here is my photo Green & Raindrops – taken in the Wakheena Falls area in Oregon:

green and raindrops


And then my photo Thru the Door of a ’54 – which is one of my favorite of this abandoned old truck!

from the door of a 1954


Then a cutie – Is It Safe To Come Out?

ready to meet the world

Daffodils: Spring 2013!

It is so exciting to see the daffodils blooming! That is when I know that Spring is here – despite whatever cold snap comes along. So I wanted to share some of the early daffodil photos with you. I took them this morning after that little cold front brought more rain. I love the raindrops on them. The “Reflecting Daffodil” intrigued me in that you can see the reflection of the ground – not yet green. Then the naughty “Flashing Daffodil” offers a little peek into her bloom. And the sweet “Angel Daffodil” shows off her wings. Enjoy!

sprinkled with rain daffodil

Reflecting Daffodil

Reflecting Daffodil

opening daffodil with rain

Flashing Daffodil

Flashing Daffodil


Angel Daffodil

Ups and Downs of Outdoors

In this photo challenge by Cee – where we are challenged to show how people move about the ups and downs in the outdoors. I have two photos from the Wakheena Falls area. The path was about 2 miles to my target – Fairy Falls. It was a winding path that still had my out-of-shape self huffing and puffing. So there were a few benches on the path for people like me to rest or just to soak up (sometimes literally with the rain) the scenery.


The second photo is of one of the wooden bridges on the path that help you to cross over the stream to continue on the beautiful path!