52 Tuesdays Challenge #21: Tree

Welcome to week 21 of the 52 Tuesdays Challenge! Each week I chose a word that begins with at T and share my photos, stories or even a quote. I ask that you join me in the Challenge and share your own photos, stories, quotes, whatever as well. Just link back to this blog post or add your own blog post link to the comments. Have fun!

This week’s T word is Tree! 

I love flowers so a flowering tree is a big bonus for me. The one I am sharing with you today is one of my favorites – it is in the yard where my husband grew up. I also love it because it is just a beautiful representation of the seasons. So I’m sharing with you today the series “Glenna’s Dogwood”.  (Glenna being my husband’s late mother.)

Glenna’s Dogwood in the Snow

Glenna’s Dogwood in the Spring

Glenna’s Dogwood in the Fall


Spring has definitely sprung here in Schulenburg, TX. For the rest of the world that’s a very, very small town somewhere right in the middle of the triangle of Austin, Houston, and San Antonio. Rural is a mild word for the spot. But it does run near IH 10. (and if you’ve never been around here then you better hop thru on IH 10 from San Antonio or Houston and eat at Frank’s. It’s closing this fall after 88 years in business and their home-made bread is better than your grandmother’s!)

Ah, but I went down a rabbit trail…. on our (new to us) land we have a whole passel of spring flowers. We’ve got the usual bluebonnets and Indian paintbrushes. A kind of dandelion I haven’t seen before and some dewberry flowers. (If you want to take a peek at those I featured them in my 52 Tuesdays Challenge #19:Tiny)

Wow! I keep going down rabbit trails..though it is close to Easter…

So, in participating with Dutch Goes The Photo’s Tuesday Photo Challenge of Spring, I wanted to ask for your help with some of the flowers – some might say weeds (gasp!!!). I don’t know the names of them and please share if you recognize them! Much appreciated! and Enjoy!

On these yellow ones, the stems grow out at ground level much like a dahlia…

This one has petals resembling a bluebonnet except they are purple instead of the blue and are about 3-4 inches taller.

This pretty and tiny blue flower was scarce but seemed perfect on every petal.

This pretty, pale, pale, hint of blue was also 3-4 inches taller than a bluebonnet and I’m wondering if it is the first bloom of my second two images…

DSCN1162 - Version 2

52 Tuesdays Challenge #19: Tiny

Happy Tuesday!! It’s time for the 52 Tuesdays challenge! Join me in sharing photos, stories, quotes, or whatever else you have in that creative brain of yours for the T word theme of TINY! Then don’t forget to link back to this post and we’ll share your Tiny with the world!

This week I admit to prepping for the post. It just so happens that we went out to our land last Thursday and the spring flowers were everywhere! While that isn’t so great for planning to add cattle it was perfect for my camera and for today’s challenge.

There are quite a few this week and also look for more photos of the spring flowers soon. And if you want to see a couple from the archives check this post out.

Hope you enjoy!!





And lots of these!


And some slow motion in the wind….


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In Our Texas Yard

Spring brings all sorts of beautiful, and I mean beautiful, wildflowers in the great state of Texas. At our house we are blessed to see many of them in our own yard! So I wanted to share with you some photos from our yard. And a side note – the one that is my favorite is just now blooming – the Indian Blanket flower (otherwise known more technically as the Gaillardia pulchella) so look for more of those to come.

In the meantime – Enjoy!

Appearance at ArtSpace/Round Rock Area Arts Council gallery!

Two of my photos are on display at the ArtSpace/Round Rock Area Arts Council gallery at 231 E Main Ave, Round Rock, TX. So excited to be a part of the exhibit “Insects to Elephants” with my photos “How Sweet it Is” and “Wyoming Wild Mustangs”! Hope you can stop by and take a look!

How Sweet in Pink

How Sweet in Pink

Wyoming Wild Mustangs

Wyoming Wild Mustangs