I’m now a Gal Blogger!! Sweet!!!

My longtime friend and renowned social media goddess, Pamela Price, posted on me and my photography. I am still humbled by the interest – and quite giddy! Check out her blog site, Red, White and Grew – she has some great topics that she covers, too!

In the meantime – here are some pics of those that inspire and support me in this fun adventure!

Call the entomologist!!!! – picture from yesterday

I was innocently taking pictures of some Indian paintbrushes one spring day. Having found some ladybugs crawling along a stem I, of course, bent down to take closer pictures. When I downloaded the pics for a closer look I discovered the picture below. As my amazing husband noted, only I could take X-rated nature photos!!!


Call the Entomologist (© 2011 Tisha Clinkenbeard)