52 Tuesdays Challenge: Transportation

Everyone has those vehicles that you love for the body style, the speed or the looks. So for this week’s challenge I am choosing transportation!

I tend to like the old vehicles that you find left in the pasture where they rusted and show lots of use. It is because I wonder of the stories that go with them. So I am sharing some of my favorites and some you may not have seen before.

My all time favorite is this one from a 1954 Chevrolet 4400. You could tell by the wear and the “accessories” that it was a very long used work truck. This angle on the photo appeals to me as it seems to invite you into the door for the stories it could tell.

from the door of a 1954



This second one is a favorite for the history behind it, also. An old truck found in rural Oklahoma and lived its life in the oil business.

Hayes and Johnston full pictureFor the third photo I chose another work truck. Found at the Har-Ber Village in Grove, Oklahoma it was part of the fleet of Jones Truck Lines.My favorite part is what I think might be the blinker on the top that is a single bulb.

Jones Truck Lines truck  

Do you have any favorite photos or stories to tell about vehicles or transportation?


Circles & Curves: Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

Cee always hands out a good challenge! This one on circles and curves is no less challenging than the others. I had to think hard and look thru several folders of photos to find some worthy! And what do you think of when someone talks about curves? Well, if you are most of the guys I know it’s either the curves of a lovely lady or a lovely car. So I thought I’d go with the vehicle approach today. Hope you enjoy!

chevy steering wheel horn


chevy headlight and curved bumper

Jeep CJ7 headlight curved hood


For the challenge Zoom by Word In Your Ear I wanted to use two definitions of the word to share photos with you. So I am taking the zoom as in closer to the subject and zoom as in driven by a motor.

The first is the PTO on an old Chevrolet 4400 work truck made by Muncie. (Original post on the truck here.) Chevrolet 4400 PTO by Muncie


The second is from a motorcycle we saw at the 2012 Bikes, Blues & BBQ in Fayetteville, AR. The motorcycle had chrome everywhere and the intricate designs were very nice looking.

bike chrome pattern



And this third photo is from a tractor show in Gentry, AR that is held each year in September – a very cool and interesting show! Click here to check out the original post from the show in 2011.


Chevrolet C60

On a recent trip to west Texas for hunting with my Hubby, I found this Chevrolet C60 in the field. I can’t seem to find a good bit of information on it or the MID equipment which is probably a vendor of PTO machinery. If you have any information please share!

(Post edited to correct G60 to C60 thanks to one of my readers!)

Lines – Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

Cee has another fun Foto Challenge out this week: :Lines. I went back into my files from Portland and Vancouver to find some photos of lines.

The first is of a railroad sign found at Multnomah Falls in Oregon.

railroad sign at Multnomah



This second photo was taken in Portland, Oregon outside of a shopping area. It was the chilly, wet kind of day.

street lines and leaves



The third photo was taken in Vancouver. I purposely took the photo at an angle because of the lines on the rooftop.

rooftop lines