The Road Taken

In my travels there have been many, many roads taken – probably more taken than passed over…well, maybe… Nevertheless, one that came to mind is the highway 1 on the coast of California. I took it from Jenner up to Fort Ross one foggy Saturday and just fell in love with it. I wrote a post of the experience and shared one aspect of the trip with y’all. But for the Weekly Photo Challenge The Road Taken I wanted to share a couple of new pics for a different perspective of the road taken that day – highway 1. Enjoy!

DSCN9937 - Version 2.JPG

DSCN9944.JPGDSCN9991 - Version 2.JPGDSCN9901 - Version 2DSCN0013.JPG

Turquoise: Where’s My Backpack

A color that has really grown on me the last couple of years is the color turquoise. You’ll find a bit more of it in my house. And now I see it more in my photos. One reason I may like it is that when the water is turquoise it is beautiful and that is usually what you see at the beach.

But for today – Where’s My Backpack Challenge Turquoise I am sharing a few photos from our honeymoon to Alaska back in 2010.


Building in Vancouver, Canada


Iceberg in Juneau, Alaska


Totem poles in park on Vancouver Island

Post Chapel

While rummaging through my photos – electronically, of course -I found this door at such an angle that I really liked the color and the contrast. The door is to the Reno Q. M. Depot Post Chapel at Fort Reno, OK. Did you know it is right on Route 66? Here is a link to my blog on Fort Reno. 

So I am sharing it today as part of Cee’s Oddball Photo Challenge.



Good Match

The Daily Post Photo Challenge: A Good Match was fun for me this week. I took the time to go thru some photos that I had taken several years ago and see what matches I could discover.

A good match is a window and a door. And that old saying “When God closes a door He usually opens a window”.

Hope you enjoy!
Fort Reno chapel door


Fort Reno chapel windowTaken on a trip to Fort Reno, OK. 

52 Tuesdays Challenge #15: Tea

Tea – it has two meanings for me – that sweet tea that the South is known for and the delicate little cups that hot tea is served in.

Here are a few photos of one of my favorite tea sets (well, two of my favorite tea set items -sugar & cream) that I’ve seen. In a bed and breakfast in Fort Smith, AR this was on my breakfast tray. Enjoy!



dscn0711Have any photos of your favorite tea set, cup of tea or brand of tea? An old teapot?

Appearance on An Artist Speaks

Just yesterday I recorded a radio interview with Mike Harris for Contemporary Art Gallery Online’s biweekly radio spot, An Artist Speaks, which will be via Blog Talk Radio. I was a bit nervous beforehand. My Hubby says I talk a lot, I’m prone to starting to talk in the middle of my thoughts so the person I am talking to has no idea where the conversation started, and I was very conscious of not saying the “uh, well, you know,” types of filler words. And I didn’t want to be repetitive in my talk, either.

Overall, it went well, at least according to Mike. It wasn’t that hard or scary. I enjoyed talking about my art, the stories that it tells and my love of sharing the photos.

The actual show airs on February 18 so it’ll be a while to hear it. And I hate hearing my own voice so that makes me cringe. I’ll let you know when it is posted and you can go listen to my voice.  Here are the four photos that I talked about in the interview. Two are winners of 1st place in the photography category in their competitions, one is my Hubby’s selection and the last one is my best seller.

After the shower

After the Shower

Alaskan reflection NAMED

Alaskan Reflection

sit with me

Sit With Me


allis chalmers

Allis Chalmers