Black & White: Phoneography Challenge

Another great black & white Phoneography Challenge!

From our ice storm that was truly a disaster but still had some winter wonderland effect!

tree in driveway ice storm 12 2013



And from one of my favorite hotels – The Arlington Hotel in Hot Springs. I just love the feel in the lobby and the hotel. It is as if I am back in the 1920s and enjoying the life of the rich folks in that day. Sighhhhh


light in Arlington lobby

52 Tuesdays Challenge #5: Tree

Nature is amazing. Some of the scenery I see along the way shows me that there is no end to the creativity of nature. So the word this Tuesday is Tree.

Being as I travel through a lot of rural areas and have been blessed to travel to the Caribbean I had a few tree photos stashed in my library.

This first photo is from San Juan, Puerto Rico. Along the Princess Walk there are trees that are completely twisted!

San Juan twisted tree


This second photo is from Gentry, Arkansas. There is little lake there hidden in the woods where the autumn sun made the colors just gorgeous!


Arkansas fall


This tree was in a shopping center in Oregon in the fall. The colors were so strong that I had to play with the photo a bit to give it a different look. I like the effect that I chose for it.


OR tree


So, now you know what is next! Show me your trees!!!