My Venice Holiday

Way back in 2007 I took off to Italy to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with one of my best friends from college. I fell in love with Venice on that trip. So here are some photos to share of my holiday, long ago!

Part of the Travel With Me! City Series

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Cee’s Share Your World: Week 38

As always, I just love Cee’s challenges! These are my answers this week!

What were you most likely doing on this day when you were 12 years old?  Humpphh… this one makes me feel old b/c I can’t remember….but I likely was out riding my bike, playing with our dog or cats, or pestering my sister. And I’m not even going to share a photo of me at 12!!

If you could…photograph any scenery that you have seen before, what scene would you use?  I’m a Libra, too, so I can’t choose just one place. So I am torn between Venice and anywhere in the Caribbean. One of my favorite photos from Venice:

Torre dell'Orologio (© Tisha Clinkenbeard)

Torre dell’Orologio (© Tisha Clinkenbeard)

What is your favorite type of dog? One that loves and plays! Here are some photos of our two dogs: mommas helpermy Lily

Bridges: Where’s My Backpack Travel Challenge

Seeing this week’s Where’s My Backpack Travel Challenge of Bridges I immediately knew of a couple of photos that I would like to share.

The first is at Multnomah Falls in Oregon.

Multnomah falls bridge


The second is from Portland – though I do not remember which highway that the bridge is on.

Portland highway bridge


This last one is from my trip to Venice in 2007 where one of my good friends took a photo of me in front of the Bridge of Sighs. If you have read my other posts you know that Venice is one of my favorite cities in the whole world!

Tisha at Bridge of Sighs Venice

Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

For this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge hosted by WordPress the word is Foreign. I have traveled only twice out of the United States. One was before the start of digital cameras. But my last trip I took quite a few photos. I fell absolutely in love with Venice, Italy. I knew it was clichéd and I never thought to be so mundane – but yes, I am in love with Venice.

So here are a few photos of Venice and those things that I felt were foreign or not of my every day world.

The first photo is one from my hotel in Venice. The bidet and the towel warmer were not what I would find in a bathroom in a hotel in the states – at least not at the ones I’ve stayed in. 🙂



The second photo is one of my favorites! I LOVED the masks in Venice. Stopping in the masks stores were one of my favorite things to do. They are such works of art! And I was equally amazed at the customization one could have – if you were wiling to pay the price! In this one I am trying on the mask that I bought for my sister – who loves butterflies.


The last one is of a waterway. You probably know that this is the primary route of the day-to-day transportation. Either the boats or the feet on the street.

Venice. Travel to Dying Beauty’s Bedside

Awesome photos of Venice!!!

Victor Travel Blog

Venice sinking every year. Italy.

Fairest among women, Venice, formerly powerful and rich. You are still impressive, Lady Venice, but only from a distance.

The years pass rapidly, your skin withers, becomes more parched and thin, and finally drops off in lumps of plaster. Meanwhile, just as time ages all women, water wears on you more and more with every year, and your cosmetologist is already losing his patience in despair. There are plenty of younger potential clients around.

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