Ambience in Nature

I truly love nature. So when I saw the Daily Post Photo Challenge of Ambience I knew I wanted to go with the nature application of the theme. Enjoy!


Hot Springs, AR – the hot springs bring a special feel to the town. You can walk around and find the hot water steaming in many different places. With the sun it makes the steam a beauty.



Beavers Bend State Park in Broken Bow, OK – with the stillness of the river which runs through the park the rocks with their varied colors made a perfect reflection.



Multnomah Falls, OR – The green beauty of the area around the falls paired with the spectacular waterfall makes it a quiet step into nature. There are so many areas around the Falls to explore and immerse yourself into nature.



Beavers Bend State Park in Broken Bow, OK – Even in the fall the river and all of the natural landscape make this park a relaxing experience. My husband (you can see him in the middle of the photo) enjoys fishing and I immerse myself in all that nature has to show me. It’s a wonderful way to take some zen time…

…Chasing Waterfalls…

I’m often taken back in time to that song of the 90s by TLC, “Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls” and sing it in my head for hours at a time. But I wanted to make a different experience for you since it was rolling around in my head. Now I do LIKE chasing waterfalls and their beauty! These were taken outside of Portland, OR in the Multnomah and Wakheena Falls areas.

View one of my works at the Photo Salon exhibit at Black Box Gallery in Portland, OR

“My Pixy Home” will be on exhibit (and prints offered for sale) at the Black Box Gallery in Portland, OR from April 1-22.

Black Box Gallery
811 East Burnside St., Suite 212
Portland, Oregon 97214 USA

There will be an opening reception along with the  First Friday Art Walk on the East Side on April 5 from 5-8:30pm.

If you are in the Portland area please stop by and check it out! Let me know what you think!

Here is the photo that will be on exhibit:

my pixy home

Streams and Waterfalls

Having fell in love with the streams and waterfalls around Multnomah & Wakheena falls I continually find new photos that I haven’t shared with you in my library of photos from that area. Here are a few more for you!

(note the two streams in which one was taken in the sun – Sunny stream – and one in the shade – Shady stream)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

This week the photo challenge from WordPress is Beyond.While walking thru the area around Multnomah Falls and Wakheena Falls in Oregon I found many little waterfalls hidden beyond the next corner in the path. Here is one as I approached it – you can see it just beyond all of the foliage. And the second is the waterfall as I came to face it. Enjoy!

falls just beyond

facing the falls


If you can’t tell from most of the photos on my blog, I love the outdoors and nature. So when Where’s My Backpack posted the Mystical challenge I was so excited and thought of several right away. But I wanted to show something new instead of just ones I’ve shown before. So here are two new ones and one you have seen before.

This first one is from a favorite spot in the middle of America. Hot Springs, Arkansas. The springs to me are very mystical. The history of the town and the springs is even more mystical and interesting. Hubby and I go back when we have any excuse to though it isn’t a place that screams “visit me”. (and we’re headed back for a weekend in December for another art show I was selected for!)


The next photos are from the Columbia Gorge area – around Multnomah Falls and Wakheena Falls. The first one is new to you – just a passing small waterfall along the pass.


This last one I’ve shown before and I am still in love with it. I call it my pixy home. Siggghhhh….