Too Darned Cold

Last night, my son and I went to see Interstellar at the movies. It’s been colder than normal here in Texas, as in many of the US states. But I was shocked when I opened the door of the theatre and stepped out into the SNOW! It’s not even Thanksgiving yet and it was snowing! I’m not a fan of the cold – give me a sunny beach any day of the week! It also reminded me of our horrid and destructive ice storm last December. Even in the destruction, though, you could find some beauty…




Black & White: Phoneography Challenge

Another great black & white Phoneography Challenge!

From our ice storm that was truly a disaster but still had some winter wonderland effect!

tree in driveway ice storm 12 2013



And from one of my favorite hotels – The Arlington Hotel in Hot Springs. I just love the feel in the lobby and the hotel. It is as if I am back in the 1920s and enjoying the life of the rich folks in that day. Sighhhhh


light in Arlington lobby